I started the first Internet provider in my area when I was 18, and spent the next decade and a half as an entrepreneur through the dot-com boom and bust, expanding into building websites, and IT consulting for local businesses. That was my real business education, but I followed it up with an MBA to solidify my understanding of theory. In 2008, as I was closing down those early Internet services, I joined ClearBags to build one of the first B2B Magento sites and have stayed on as the VP of IT and Ecommerce since then. I continue to work with other companies as well, consulting on Magento ecommerce sites, and diving deeply into ecommerce search marketing.

I'm passionate about all things ecommerce. Now with over two decades of experience doing business on the Internet, with a technical and business education on everything from low-level technical nitty gritty up to high-level financial theory, the practical experience of running a company, and over 7 years of experience running a multimillion-dollar modern ecommerce site, I really enjoy where I am in life.

In a world full of specialists that know one thing well, I have a broad skillset that makes me perfectly suited to looking at the big picture, figuring out where the opportunities lie, and then drilling down into the details to realize them.

Profit is what matters, and cash is king. I push aside the endless techie distractions to focus on the biggest opportunities for financial improvement in the businesses that I work with.

I love to consult for other businesses. I love to give presentations on practical ecommerce. I love networking, exchanging ideas, and staying in touch with my fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and awesome developers.

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